The Student / Teacher Relationship


May I have the power to exchange my best with your best.

-Nadia Boulanger

Ever since I was in Music School I have had the pleasure of working with children age five and older and adults at the intermediate-early advanced level. I encourage students to rent or buy an acoustic piano rather than a keyboard and devote as much time as possible to practicing, which I refer to as enjoying the piano and making music everyday at home. Since I am a classical pianist, my goal is to provide exposure to the great classical composers and masterpieces of music and to lead my students into that repertoire. I also offer exposure to music in many other styles depending on each pupil’s interests. Student/teacher relationships are warm and respectful. Besides the serious study of music, we experience laughter and high spirits during our time together. In this age of technology, it is a precious experience for students to work with a personal mentor and study a time- honored art. And for the teacher it is a privilege, a responsibility, and a joy to guide each student towards finding the music that is within each of us.

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