Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

My daughter has been taking lessons with Ondine De Mer for 3 years. The experience has been excellent. Ms. De Mer is a demanding yet patient teacher. She provides excellent feedback, recommendations on how to make the pieces sound better, and challenges my daughter. I am particularly fond of the piano classes she holds 3-4 times a year. This gives the students an opportunity to learn more about a composer or type of music and play in front of other students. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. De Mer.
– Anna-Liisa L.

Ondine brings a world of depth to her music and to her students. She is able to reach people of all walks of life, because of her careful, unassuming approach, and her nuanced understanding of what people need. She takes this skill set into her teaching, whether providing individual piano lessons or presenting her highly-regarded Grieg lecture-performances.
– Ben K.

Our eleven-year-old son has been taking lessons with Ondine for over 6 years. He has been very comfortable learning from her, and he has flourished under her guidance. Our other son, who is eight years old, started with Ondine about 3 years ago. He has also progressed well with her. Ondine definitely works well with different ages and levels of maturity. We still get sentimental when we think about that first time that our kids started out as kindergartners. When we look back at their old piano books, we are equally amazed at how far they have progressed with Ondine. She has a way with keeping our two sons, who have widely different personalities, interested in piano. Even their music teacher at school told us that they have a good piano teacher helping them with proper fundamentals. In addition, our oldest has learned a great deal of music theory from Ondine. Their experience with Ondine has carried over to their other instruments as well. A little more than a year ago they started learning cello and violin, and their teachers have told us that they are able to grasp things very quickly using their piano talents to help them with learning new instruments. Thus, they have advanced at a quicker pace on their new instruments. Ondine has been a wonderful teacher for our kids!
– Mijung S.

Ondine is an excellent teacher. She is patient, creative, sensitive to students’ needs, and very effective at drawing out a student’s best work. She keeps piano interesting and fun, drawing on her deep wealth of knowledge about the music, technique, composers, history, and theory.
– Sharon D.

Ondine is an exceptional educator. Ondine’s broad experience in teaching piano shows from the 5 year old to the adult wanting to learn this piano. She has a full grand piano in her studio so the student learns on the very best instrument available. She is patient, warm understanding and empathetic to the new student needs.
– Wayne B.

Ondine is a wonderful piano teacher. She is creative, knowledgeable and patient. She manages to bring out the best in every student no matter where their skill level lies. Judging a teacher by her students, it’s clear Ondine is a superior and skilled teacher above most. My daughter has blossomed under Ondine’s guidance. She is patient and kind, but at the same time requires effort from her students to reach their potential. Other teachers we’ve had in the past did not raise the bar or motivate my daughter to learn so the progress was slow and uninteresting for her – Ondine’s ‘proof’ of excellent teaching is in the ‘pudding’ of her students.
– Summer Rognlie T.

Ondine is highly creative as a piano teacher. She gives her students so much more than simply learning the scales and basic techniques. She really integrates music appreciation into her program, as well drawing from guided fantasy techniques. Her students learn about who the composers were, and what their influences were. She also tries to go with the student’s preferences in music selection, while introducing new music as well. I have known Ondine since 1966. I have never, ever, heard her complain about a single student! She loves teaching piano with a passion, and that seems to be reflected in her results: Happy new musicians delighting in their own talent and appreciating the world of music at a whole new level.
– Susanne S.